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How to push your image on AWS ECR
How to push your image on Amazon ECR registry
How to setup ssl encrypt in ubuntu server
Mysql: ensure than one of two columns has a value
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Github master push protection
Pushing directly to master is a bad habid. This is how you can avoid it.
Weblinks 2019#1
Interesting posts or tutorials from the web.
How to install MySql 5.6 or Mysql 6.7
New versions of ubuntu and debian come with mariadDB as predefined mysql server. But if we need to run a version of MySQL we can do it with the following steps.
How to setup mysqln_ms extension for php 7.x
Mysqlnd_ms is a handy php extension to automaticaly send the read queries to slave mysql servers and writes to the master.
Mysql replication in Virtual Machines
A quick guide of how to setup master-slave mysql replication in virtual machines.
Mysql create column if not exists
You want to check if a table exists before you add it to the table.
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