How to zip only files with specific extension

Lets see how to zip files of a specific type in command line

Turn gedit in php editor

We can use the simple text editor that comes with ubuntu to edit our php code.

Weblinks 2018 #51

Interesting links from the web for this week of the year

Update drupal modules by command line

These steps guide you to update drupal 7 core and modules from command line

Weeklinks #50

Interesting links from the web for this week of the year

How to upgrate drupal 8

We will upgrade a drupal 8 installation on its newest version

How to paginate mysql database results using php function

A simple php function to return mysql table rows limited by page number.

Cave of Cenbeald

I am happy to announce my new roguelike rpg game Cave of Cenbeald. It is made with html5 canvas, vanilla javascript and with pretty graphics from Henrique Lazarini and DawnLike (DragonDePlatino) You can play it at caveofcenbeald.c

Connect raspberry pi 3 to wifi from the command line

In my raspberry I installed Debian Stretch Lite, so I could use only the console to connect in my wifi network. I followed these steps

Git: Add new features with branches

How to use braches to make new commits and then merge it to the master as only one commit

Install devilbox on Ubuntu 18.04

The devilbox is a modern and highly customisable LAMP and MEAN stack replacement based purely on docker and docker-compose running on all major platforms.

Weeklinks #43

    Website Optiomization