Creating quickly automation tests with jmeter

Posted by Vasilis on April 12, 2020

Yesterday I was checking how Blazemeter could help me to create tests for my web application by recording my activity using their chrome plugin. The only negative with this plugin is that I have to log in to blazemeter in order to download the record as jmx file.

After opening the jmx file with jmeter I saw that tests where nicely recorded in a Thread, it even had the time it took me to make the requests, and some config elements that may not all be needed.

It took me a little to understand the problems and finally make the tests run with jmeter. Here are some comments to remember:

  • Tests only need 3 config elements:
    HTTP Cookie Manager (not check removing old cookies)
    HTTP Request Defaults (not retrieve all embedded resources, not use / at Server Name)
    User Defined Variables
  • Remove all Constants Timers from the requests (they only make things slower)
  • Add Response Assertion for each request
  • Add Listener-> View Results in Table & View Results Tree