How to resize images from command line

How to resize images from command line in Linux

How to use your smartphone as webcam with DroidCam

DroidCam turns your mobile device into a webcam for your PC. Use it with chat programs like Skype, Zoom, Teams, or with live streaming programs like OBS.

How to support emojis in MySQL databases

In order to support all unicode characters, you have to use utf8mb4 charset in your database

Using Gila CMS as a back-end service

Gila CMS is a content management solution I am building the last few years. It started as an open source project that would give the ability to smal

Weblinks 2020#31

How to load asycronous css   Tabler icons   10 modern layouts in 1

Add cronjobs in your vps server

How to add cronjobs from your console in vps server

Git pull from php

How to make git pull in php with exec()

How to save git username and password

This is how you can save your git username and password in the first push

How to autoload your classes with composer

If you use composer and you don't want to require your classes in your project. You can autoload them like the classes from the packages.To do that you add autoload in your composer.json file. If your class follows the psr-4 standard you can use psr-4 to include all classes in a f

Accesing your nextcloud files from ubuntu

Few days ago I installed nextcloud on a vitual machine of mine, as a way to share files between my devices. But actually today i found out how easy is to acces the files from the linux Nautilus filer manager. In my ubuntu 18 the option to insert the server is at "+ Other Locations" (you m

Minerva Lights: week 7

Yesterday I worked a litttle in a side project. It is an adventure game with low poly made in Unity 3d. It is the 7th weekend that I spend few hours to develop it.