Minerva Lights: week 7

December 12, 2020

Yesterday I worked a litttle in a side project. It is an adventure game with low poly made in Unity 3d. It is the 7th weekend that I spend few hours to develop it.


You are a freelancer detective, in a future world that public police will not make any investigatons but rely only in security systems. You are contracted to find if there is something more in a homicide done in a small neighborhood in Kerpolis. The biggest city in an alien planet.

You can play the demo here

If you enjoyed it or have to make a suggestion you can DM me at twitter

I made it to remeber the Unitty 3d engine, hoping to find an opportunity to do something interesting someday. It follows an almost linear storyline, it uses only milestones for any progress you made. It looked easiest that way at the beginning but now I believe a quest system was needed, maybe a class with its methods for the beggining of quest/task, the requirements checks and the close of quest.