Grey Oakwoods Roguelike

Posted by Vasilis on April 11, 2020

Right now I am working on a new version of the my browser roguelike game. The title is "Grey oakwoods", the quest is about an elf hunting a group of orcs to the north of an oak forest.

Until now I refactured the code, more specific:

  • How the images are loaded for tiles and monsters
  • The lists of item types and monsters are loaded asyncronously from the json files instead of printing them in javascript from php.


The new features to be developed are:

  • Forest map generator: similar with a cave (Cave of Cenbeald) but the entry and exit points will be to the souther/northest walkable tile of the map
  • Create animation for the throwing arrows and add sound effect
  • Display a minimap so you dont have to remember or guess where are the stairs that you found before
  • Target a tile in order to get the position or monster
  • Revert the player image when it moves to the right