How to resize images from the console

Resize images from your linux command line

Baby Yoda 3d print

This little guy is what make Mandalorian as successful as it is, the struggle of the headhunter to protect the kid drives the story and makes it enjoyable. I found this model from

Upload a canvas image throug ajax

I wanted to save a screenshot from the game I build so players can see the last moment before the end game. The games uses html5 canvas, so the idea was to upload the canvas and save it as png image in server. We can send the image to server as a base64 encoded:

Weblinks Oct 2019

Interesting links from the web

Creating quickly automation tests with jmeter

Yesterday I was checking how Blazemeter could help me to create tests for my web application by recording my activity using their chrome plugin. The only negative with this plugin is that I have to log in to blazemeter in order to download the record as jmx fil

Test a downloable endpoint with selenium webdriver

I had to create a test for a report that gives a downloadable file in csv format. The problem is that webdriver will be unable to read the content of the file, because it is not loaded as a webpage, but it will be downloaded as a file in /home/usr/Downloads (probably) After failing too ma

Weblinks Sep 2019

Tutorials to turn a simple html page on PWA

The Dungeon Roguelike Update

Recently I was working on a new version of the roguelike game. This time a dungeon crawler. I like this type of game because it can gives always new things to discover. New thinks that added: Removed antialising from graphics New items: Potion of Antidote, Potion

Grey Oakwoods Roguelike

Right now I am working on a new version of the my browser roguelike game. The title is "Grey oakwoods", the quest is about an elf hunting a group of orcs to the north of an oak forest. Until now I refactured the code, more specific: How the images are loaded for tiles and m

How to push your image on AWS ECR

How to push your image on Amazon ECR registry

How to setup ssl encrypt in ubuntu server

Both tutorials are provided from

Mysql: ensure than one of two columns has a value

 You have two columns that accept new values, but at least one of them must not be null: CREATE TRIGGER tr_Col1Col2 BEFORE INSERT ON myTable FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF (NEW.Col1 IS NULL AND NEW.Col2 IS NULL) THEN SIGNAL SQLSTATE '45000' SET ME