Add cronjobs in your vps server

How to add cronjobs from your console in vps server

Git pull from php

How to make git pull in php with exec()

How to save git username and password

This is how you can save your git username and password in the first push

How to autoload your classes with composer

If you use composer and you don't want to require your classes in your project. You can autoload them like the classes from the packages.To do that you add autoload in your composer.json file. If your class follows the psr-4 standard you can use psr-4 to include all classes in a f

Accesing your nextcloud files from ubuntu

Few days ago I installed nextcloud on a vitual machine of mine, as a way to share files between my devices. But actually today i found out how easy is to acces the files from the linux Nautilus filer manager. In my ubuntu 18 the option to insert the server is at "+ Other Locations" (you m

Minerva Lights: week 7

Yesterday I worked a litttle in a side project. It is an adventure game with low poly made in Unity 3d. It is the 7th weekend that I spend few hours to develop it.

Play video with subtitles with html5 player

The <video> tag is the easiest way to play a video on the browser. In this article we see how we can add also subitles in the video. Browsers support different types of video types, better options are webm or mp4. If you need to convert a vi

How to delete trash from command line

Clean trash bin from the terminal

How to resize images from the console

Resize images from your linux command line

Baby Yoda 3d print

This little guy is what make Mandalorian as successful as it is, the struggle of the headhunter to protect the kid drives the story and makes it enjoyable. I found this model from

Upload a canvas image throug ajax

I wanted to save a screenshot from the game I build so players can see the last moment before the end game. The games uses html5 canvas, so the idea was to upload the canvas and save it as png image in server. We can send the image to server as a base64 encoded: