Weeklinks #43

    Website Optiomization https://dev.to/maxwell_dev/the-web-accessibility-introduction-i-wish-i-had-4ope

Squash latest commits in one in Git

Merge latest commits by squashing them

Weblinks 2018 #38

How to Create a Raspberry Pi 3 Web Kiosk - Vue Color Pickers

My Top 10 MCU Movies

This is is my top 10 list in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Until Infinity War.

Prepare LAMP for Gila CMS in Ubuntu 18.04

A very quick guide to prepare LAMP environment on your local machine or an online server running Ubuntu.

Install devilbox on Ubuntu 16.04

The devilbox is a modern and highly customisable LAMP and MEAN stack replacement based purely on docker and docker-compose running on all major platforms.

Test your website from aws ec2 with artillery

Artillery is a modern, powerful & easy-to-use load testing and functional testing toolkit. Use it to ship scalable backends, APIs & services that stay performant & resilient under high load.

JMeter Apache for testing your web app

Test your web application from an AWS EC2 server remotely

GOTO 2012 - User Interface (UX) Techniques - Janne Jul Jensen

GOTO 2012 - User Interface (UX) Techniques

Weeklinks 2018#45

  Optimizing CSS: ID Selectors And Other Mythshttps://www.sitepoint.com/optimizing-css-id-selectors-and-other-myths/ 11 Secrets of Actionable UX Reports

Starting with your 3d printer on Ubuntu

If received your new 3d printer and you wonder how to get or prepare your 3d models these are your next steps.   Install cura, this app will help you to prepare your 3d model ready for printing. su

How to install missing PHP extensions

  Image Processing and Generation sudo apt-get install php7.0-gd  Zip module for PHP sudo apt-get install php7.0-zip  JSON module for PHP